Table of Contents

Setup and Configuration

In this article, you can learn how to configure the Advanced Intercompany application. You will find out the details about the impact of settings on different processes with the strong focus on the technical side of the application.

To See
Learn about the onboarding experience Onboarding Experience
Configure the application and initialize the default settings IIC Setup
Learn how to publish IIC web services Web Services
Set up remote endpoints for intercompany partners Endpoints
Find out what the meaning and impact of IIC statuses is IIC Status Codes
Discover what fields are exchanged between companies and how the setup can be adjusted IIC Message Template
Learn how to prepare different kinds of data mappings IIC Data Mapping
Understand the types of exchanged messages IIC Message Type
Find out where to search for the message pending to be send and verify the history of the processes messages IIC Messages
Learn how to extend the Advanced Intercompany application by using exposed publishers Event Subscriptions
Automate the data flow by using job queues Job Queue Automation
Learn how to set up Microsoft Entra authentication Microsoft Entra Authentication Setup