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Release Notes Polish Functionality - Starter Pack 2.3.0

Application Version No. Release Date Compatibility with Business Central
Version 2.3.0 31.12.2021 Business Central 17.3 and above

Changes and Fixes

In Polish Functionality - Starter Pack. version 2.3.0, the following changes have been introduced.

Functional Changes

ID Description
1377 Within Polish Functionality - Starter Pack zostały dodane 4 raporty środków trwałych:
  • FA Card – This report combines the data from the FA List and FA Details reports with detailsgrouped by a FA depreciation book.
  • FA Receipt – This report is printed if a fixed asset has been received and is ready for use.
  • FA Disposal – This report is printed if a fixed asset has been removed from records because it was sold or disposed.
  • FA Phys. Inventory List – This report is printed when the actual fixed asset book value and quantity are reconciled with registered values and quantities for financial statements.


ID Description
4354 We have added a message that is displayed after the Find Entries page is opened. The message informs that the document number is used with different posting dates in detailed VAT entries after the Find Entries page is opened (if such records exist).
4351 We have solved the issue with checking the SAFT Due Date and SAFT Payment Date mandatory fields and selecting the 'KorektaPodstawyOpdt' VAT attribute. Now, it is possible to check the fields and select this VAT attribute only for sales transactions.
4353 We have fixed the problem with the Version Code field that was not filled with a SAFT version code on the SAF-T Register page.
4341 Service Issue: PLFAPPSD-174 We have removed the lock for editing the Quantity field on the Sales Return Order page when the System (Quantity) type is selected in the Sales CorrectionReason field.
4350 Service Issue: PLFAPPSD-184: We have increased the maximum length of the Post Code field in the PLFunc SP App License table to 20 characters.
4355 Service Issue: PLFAPPSD-187 We have fixed an error with a missing record in the Requisition Wksh. Name table after creating a purchase order from a sales order.
4356 Service Desk Issue: PLFAPPSD-110 We have removed the possibility to create a sales correction line (before/after lines) for sales invoice lines with the Comment type. The feature is used when you:
  • create a sales credit memo directly from a posted sales invoice,
  • copy a posted sales invoice into a sales credit memo,
  • use the Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse function.
4359 Service Desk Issue: PLFAPPSD-98 We have updated the wording of the descriptions and clauses on the Customer Bal. Reconciliation and Vendor Bal. Reconciliation reports according to legal requirements.

Polish Functionality - Starter Pack, version 2.3.0 does not contain any essential changes to the terms used in objects, fields and functionalities.

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