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Release Notes - Polish Localization 2.9.0

Application version Release date Compatible with Business Central
Version 2.9.0 30.04.2022 from Business Central 17.3

Changes and Fixes

The following changes have been made in Polish Localization version 2.9.0.

Functional Changes

ID Description
4556 We have extended the number series templates to include the next step template. This allows you to assign a numbering series template to the document type that is processed in the next process step.
4847 We have added handling of the default general business posting groups for physical inventory counting in physical inventory orders.
4900 For optimization purposes, the Element Name key has been added to the ITI SAF-T VAT Line table and the ITI VAT Attribute Set ID key has been added to the VAT Entry table.
4933 New event publishers were added in Codeunit 52063085 ITI Document Nos Template: OnBeforeGetTemplateForSalesDoc, OnBeforeGetTemplateForPurchaseDoc.


ID Description
4897 In order to optimize the file generation time, we have added:
  • the progress bar update per every 1% of the total number of records when exporting SAFT VAT for the v1-2E and v1-0E versions,
  • the progress bar update every 1 second when calculating SAFT VAT and approving SAFT VAT,
  • new keys in the ITI SAF-T VAT Entry table.
4910 Service Desk Issue: PLFAPPSD-339 We have added the CanGrow = True parameter to all the fields in the G/L Register Posting Document report. This parameter enables the creation of another line for too long values in the field (the value is not truncated).
4915 QTYInvCaption in report 52063107 FAPhysInventoryList has been corrected to 'Qty.(Phys. Inventory)'
4929 Service Desk Issue: PLFAPPSD-370 The functions in the Customer and Vendor tables that have the same names in Polish Localization and Business Central Base App, were marked to be removed in Polish Localization.

The functions will be removed in the next release of the Polish Localization app.
4945 Service Desk Issue: PLFAPPSD-381 In the Sales Credit Memo and Sales Invoice printouts, the header part has been increased so that all information is shown on the printout, if a customer's name and address are long.

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