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Release Notes - Polish Localization 3.2.0

Application version Release date Compatible with Business Central
Version 3.2.0 23.08.2022 from Business Central 18.5

Changes and Fixes

The following changes have been made in Polish Localization version 3.2.0.

Functional Changes

ID Description
5768 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-425 New event publishers were added in: codeunit 52063052 ITI VATManagement - OnBeforeCreateNonDeductibleGenJnlLine, codeunit 52063052 ITI VATManagement& - OnAfterCreateNonDeductibleGenJnlLine.
5663 In the process of preparing the SAF-T VAT file, the Calculate function has been extended with a feature for transferring the tax surplus amount from the declaration for the previous period. The value from the P_62 field from the last declaration is inserted into the P_39 field of the current declaration.
5807 We have added a change to show the company display name instead of the company name in reports created in Polish Localization, which complies with the approach within the standard application. On the Companies view, you can enter the display name of the company in the Display Name field. If no display name is specified, the company name that is stored in the Name field is shown.
5858 We have added the ability to hide the dialog window when creating sales credit memo lines on the Sales Corr. Wizard page (the SetHideDialog function in codeunit ITICreateSalesCrMemoLines)


ID Description
5637 Service Desk Issue PLAPPSD-435, PLAPPSD-373: We have fixed an error with Skip in VAT Register Filter on the VAT Application Worksheet page.
5662 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-448 We have removed PromotedActionCategories parameters in PageExtension objects that caused action groups to be displayed without translation. It applies to the following pages: Posted Purchase Credit Memo, Posted Service Invoice, Service Credit Memo, Posted Service Credit Memo.
5665 Service Desk Issue PLAPPSD-461: We have fixed a bug that caused an incorrect calculation of a VAT rate when the VAT business posting group was changed while creating a sales credit memo using the sales correction wizard.
5672 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-466 We have fixed an issue with the lack of display information about corrected documents on the sales credit memo printout when the last line in the document was a line with a comment.
5674 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-431 We have added improvements in report 52063135 Exch. Rate Adjmt. Register. We have: changed the orientation of the printout has been changed, added a field with a source exchange rate for records with the Vendor and Customer account type, improved display of exchange rate to 4 decimal places, improved the display of amounts in the Profit Amount (LCY) and Loss Amount (LCY) fields for records with the Bank Account type, deleted the group where the report was located on the Exchange Rate Adjustment Registers page.
5676 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-472 The fields Customer Posting Group on the Sales Order and Sales Invoice pages that have the same names in Polish Localization and Business Central Base App, were hidden and marked to be removed in Polish Localization.
5690 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-294 We fixed a problem that caused an incorrect posting of balance sheet valuation (Exchange Rate Adjustment report) for bank accounts. Differences were incorrectly posted to the realized exchange rate differences account instead of unrealized.
5823 Service Desk Issue: PLFAPPSD-407, PLFAPPSD-461, PLFAPPSD-468 We have fixed an issue where there were differences in gross amounts rounding in the lines of the Sales Corr. Wizard compared to the lines of the sales credit memo, with the correction type VAT Rate.

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