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Release Notes - Polish Localization 4.2.0

Application version Release date Compatible with Business Central
Version 4.2.0 18.11.2022 from Business Central 19.0

Changes and Fixes

The following changes have been made in Polish Localization version 4.2.0.

Functional Changes

ID Description
6391 We have added the functionality for FIFO-based calculation and posting of exchange rate differences on cash when transferring a cash amount in a foreign currency from a foreign currency bank account.
If another solution for calculating such exchange differences was installed in the database, the data from the previous solution must be migrated before the new mechanism can be used. Due to the fact that such solutions have not been standardized so far, migration is not a process supported by the product team and should be carried out in the test environment first.
6611 The actions available on the VAT Application Worksheet page have been reprogrammed. As a result, it was possible to add a new event publisher to the actions in codeunit 52063052 "ITI VATManagement":
  • OnCheckPreconditionForChangeVATDate,
  • OnCheckPreconditionForAdjustRevChargeVATExchRate,
  • OnCheckPreconditionForPostponeVAT,
  • OnCheckPreconditionForRealizeVAT,
  • OnCheckPreconditionChangeSkipInVATReg.
6265 Service desk issue PLFAPPSD-515
In the Standard General Journal Line table, we have added the fields that correspond to the fields added as part of Polish Localization in the General Journal Line table. Support for these fields has been added in the Save as Standard Journal action.


ID Description
5686 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-247, PLFAPPSD-481
We have fixed a bug where the currency exchange rate changed after changing the posting date despite selecting No in the pop-up message. The fix applies to sales and purchase documents.
6218 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-523
We have added the Correction field that is used in purchase credit memo documents to the VAT posting procedure (incl. postponed VAT, VAT non deductible, reverse charge VAT). As a result, the amounts are posted on the same sides, but with the opposite sign.
6397 We have fixed English captions related with the Item Aging functionality.
6427 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-567
We have added the functionality that deletes a corresponding canceling line when a sales line for a sales credit memo that was generated using the sales correction wizard is deleted. In addition, related before/after lines are also deleted.
6491 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-580
We have corrected the calculation of the percentage share in allocation type lines and added the ability to select a shortcut dimension code for dimensions 1 and 2.
6510 Service Desk Issue PLF-2018
The ToolTip content of the VAT Base and VAT Amount fields in the customer and vendor ledger entries has been updated.
6511 Service Desk Issue: PLF-2026 We have fixed an error in the data sent to the SAF-T file for the 'RodzajDowodu' element. The error occurred when the document type and source code was missing in a G/L entry.
6533 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-354
We have fixed an issue with the reverse charge VAT amount in posted purchase invoice statistics that was not calculated for all lines.
6597 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-517
We have added a filter in the Document No. field in the header on the VAT Application Worksheet page, which enables the recalculation of the total amounts.
6608 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-589
We have fixed an error where it was impossible to post an invoice if in one of the lines the VAT Calculation Type field was set to Reverse Charge VAT, and another line- to the Comment type.
6629 Service Desk Issue: PLFAPPSD-597
We have added a feature for correcting the discount by using the sales correction wizard, if the correction type is set to Quantity and Value.
6647 Service Desk Issue PLAAPPSD-613
A modification has been added to insert descriptions in document lines that are created by allocation. Descriptions are created based on the descriptions defined in allocation type lines.
6654 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-571, PLFAPPSD-594, PLFAPPSD-605
We have fixed an issue related to filtering customer/vendor ledger entries after creating the receivables/payables aging analysis. The issue occurred when aging by due date was selected.

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