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Release Notes - Polish Localization 4.3.0

Application version Release date Compatible with Business Central
Version 4.3.0 14.12.2022 from Business Central 19.0

Changes and Fixes

The following changes have been made in Polish Localization version 4.3.0.

Functional Changes

ID Description
6985 Due to the failure of the API to verify contractors (White List), it was necessary to increase the waiting time for the API response. This value was entered permanently, without the possibility of change. The setting of the timeout parameter in the VTR Setup Card page has been added. The minimum parameter value is 5000 (ms).
7031 We have changed the Resource Exposure Policy in Polish Localization into:
  • allowDebuging: true,
  • includeSourceInSymbolsFile: true,
  • allowDownloadingSource: false,
and fixed a debugging problem in on-premises installations.

This functionality is available from version Business Central 20.1.


ID Description
6677 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-447
We have fixed a problem with printing the Account Schedule report. The standard report is no longer blocked by Polish Localization, and the report added within Polish Localization can be printed by using the action.
6815 In the Standard General Journal Line table, we have added the new fields: SAT-T Ext. Document No., Address, Country/Region Code that correspond to the fields added as part of Polish Localization in the General Journal Line table. Support for these fields has been added in the Save as Standard Journal and Get Standard Journals actions.
6818 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-614
We have removed the redundant question about the shortening of the number length in the SAF-T Ext. Doc No. field when the length was 35 characters.
6839 Sarvice Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-607
We have fixed the Corr. Inv. Sales Date Filter feature on the Sales Corr. Wizard page. In addition, the Document No. Filter has been added.
6862 The REGON caption has been added to the Regon field in the BIR Data table.
6960 Service desk issue PLFAPPSD-638
We have removed the blockage that prevented the posting of a sales document when there were lines with different VAT calculation types and one of those types was Reverse Charge VAT.
6963 Sarvice Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-658, PLFAPPSD-646
We have added a feature for filling the Gains Amount (LCY) field value on the Exchange Rate Adjmt. Register page. This field is filled in after running the Adjust Exchange Rates report.
7004 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-654
We have fixed an issue where it was not possible to post a released sales credit memo.

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