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Release Notes - Polish Localization 6.0.1

Application version Release date Compatible with Business Central
Version 6.0.1 02.11.2023 from Business Central 21.1 (excluding Business Central 22.0)

Changes and Fixes

The following changes have been made in Polish Localization version 6.0.1.

Functional Changes

ID Description
11906 We have added a functionality that supports service statistical codes on reports on the international exchange of services (DNU-K, DNU-R). The functionality enables you to:
  • define codes on the Service Statistical Codes page;
  • select service statistical code in purchase and sales document lines and general journal lines;
  • define default service statistical codes for an item, resource and G/L account;
  • define additional verification of service statistical codes when a selected G/L account is used to post purchase or sales of services to foreign customers;
  • add service statistical code entries containing archived data about posted transactions to which service statistical code was assigned;
  • add a page that, based on specified filters, generates a list of posted transactions with service statistical codes assigned.
12109 We have added the Reverse Charge Purchase Delivery Date field to purchase documents, the general journal line and VAT entry. The field contains the tax liability date for a sales VAT entry that is posted as a reverse charge. During the posting process, the value of the field is copied to the posted document and related VAT entries. This date is exported in the DataSprzedazy field for the VAT sales entry for such a transaction in the SAFT_VAT with the declaration file.
12114 We have added the ability to select a value from the dictionary on the NSeI Document Elements page that is available on sales documents. The available dictionaries are: NSeI Transport Types, NSeI Third Party Role, NSeI Taxpayer Status Info, NSeI Correction Type, NSeI Cargo, NSeI Bank Owned Account, NSeI Authorized Party Role, Currencies, Country/Region Codes, EU Country/Region Codes.
12558 We have changed usage categories on NSeI pages and removed the ability to edit the categories.
12162 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1136 We have added new publishers in codeunit: "ITI CheckVATDate": OnBeforeVATDateNotAllowedErrorMessage, OnBeforeVATDateNotAllowed.
12173 Handling of errors related to interactive sessions of the National System of e-Invoices has been aligned.
12255 Objects marked as obsolete in previous versions have been removed.
12263 In the initialization process of the NSeI FA(2) schema lines, we have changed the Max. No. of Occurences value for multiple elements.
12268 We have added a feature that checks if the number of occurrences of multiple sections on the NSeI Document Elements page does not exceed the maximum values ​​specified for the FA(2) schema.
12343 We have added a feature that prevents the issuing of the final invoice for prepayment settlement, if prepayment invoices were not marked as Skip on Sending to NSeI and the NSeI invoice No. is not entered.
12351 We have added additional protection features for "selection" elements in the FA(2) logical structure. When posting sales documents, the user will receive an exact list of "selection" elements that have been entered incorrectly.
12469 We have improved the handling of the ‘Zwolnienie’ (VAT Tax Exemption) node in the generated xml file for a structured invoice (NSeI). The tax exemption basis is entered from the VAT clause settings assigned to the invoice line.
12470 We have added a feature for blocking the posting of a sales prepayment invoice when the NSeI schema version is not certified and the Check Sales Documents Against NSeI Schema field from the Gov. Reporting Setup page is selected.
12471 The Process Session action on the NSeI Outgoing Documents page has been improved. You do not need to run this action twice to use the Process NSeI ORC action.
12481 The functionality for handling translations of sales correction reason descriptions has been added.
12588 We have added the messages that will be displayed, if job queue actions are run on the NSeI Incoming Documents and NSeI Outgoing Documents pages.
12599 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1160
We have removed the global variable: NextEntryNo and replaced it with the local procedure: GetNextEntryNo() in the "ITI VATManagement" codeunit.
12604 In order to generate a correct .xml file for the NSeI structured invoice, we have improved the handling of lines in invoices that settle prepayments and in credit memos that correct such invoices. The amounts in the lines are not decreased by the value of the settled prepayments. In the case of a credit memo, additional lines marked StanPrzed are presented.
12605 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1168
We have added new event publishers to Codeunit "ITI CustVendManagement": OnBeforeInsertTempCVLedgerEntryBufferCustomer, OnBeforeInsertTempCVLedgerEntryBufferVendor.
12659 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1199
We have added a feature as a result of which the validation of the "Skip in Sending to NSeI" field in the sales document header depends on the option selected in the Bill-to/Sell-to VAT Calc. field on the General Ledger Setup page. If Bill-to/Pay-to No. is selected as the option, the selection in the Skip in Sending to NSeI field is copied from the customer card of a customer that was selected in the Bill-to Cust. No. field.


ID Description
12276 We have disabled the standard VAT date check feature (BC W1 functionality) based on the general ledger settings: Allow Posting From and Allow Posting To for Gen. Journal Batch Posting.
12295 An error message has been added for failed validation of the NrRB filed in the NSeI Document.
12327 The issue where the NSeI Document No. and NSeI Receipt Date fields on the VAT Entries page were not updated when using the "NSeI Ledger Update" action has been resolved.
12402 The generation of the JPK_WB file (SAF-T file for bank accounts) has been improved. Exchange rate adjustment entries are not exported to a file.
12403 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1182: In order to improve the process of creating the JPK_KR file, markers have been added to distinguish the analytical account for a customer entry - "N" and a vendor entry - "D".
12483 The calculation of the value for the P_10 field (the amount of discounts not included in the net price) in the xml file generated for a structured invoice has been improved.
12496 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1068
We have changed the view of records on the Detailed Ledg. Entries page when the details page is opened for the Balnce field on the Financial Reports page.
12498 The following fields in the Standard General Journal Line table: 52063211; "ITI Full VAT Base Amount", 52063212; "ITI Bal. Full VAT Base Amount", 52063213; "ITI Full VAT Base Amount (LCY)", 52063214; "ITI Bal.Full VAT Bas.Amt.(LCY) have respectively been replaced with: 52063205; "ITIFull VAT Base Amount", 52063206; "ITIBal. Full VAT Base Amount", 52063207; "ITIFull VAT Base Amount (LCY)", 52063208; "ITIBal.Full VAT Bas.Amt.(LCY)".
12502 We have disabled ISO code cheking for the local currency PLN in the data type tns:TKodWaluty.
12524 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1077
The aggregation of VAT entries has been improved when posting document lines that were marked as Skip in VAT Register.
12577 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1174
The Send Proforma Invoice by E-mail action has been fixed. The subject of the email message and file name correspond to the language set on the customer card.
12587 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1212
On the prepayment invoice printout in the order specification, the Net Price column caption has been replaced with Unit Price. In the case of prices incl. VAT, it was an incorrect description.
12600 We have added date formatting for the TData and TDataT data types in the NSeI schema.
12601 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1224
We have fixed posting of reversed bank acount adjustment entries in the Adjust Exchange Rates report. Due to the error, all entries were reversed, instead of just bank account ledger entries.
12616 We have improved the calculation of VAT amounts in a local currency and the presentation of the exchange rate in lines in the generated xml file for a structured invoice (NSeI).
12632 The handling of VAT attibutes: TP and FP has been added to outgoing NSeI Documents.
12654 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1192
For VAT settlement (with unrealized VAT) that uses the cash method, we have changed the source of the data displayed in the DataWystawienia (issue date) field in the SAF-T VAT file. Now, the field value is the document date entered from the original VAT entry.
12719 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1251
We have added parameter SaveValues = true in the Adjust Bank Acc. Exchange Rate report.

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