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Release Notes - Polish Localization 6.2.0

Application version Release date Compatible with Business Central
Version 6.2.0 02.01.2024 from Business Central 21.1 (excluding Business Central 22.0)

Changes and Fixes

The following changes have been made in Polish Localization version 6.2.0.

Functional Changes

ID Description
12967 The following elements have been corrected in the NSeI schema dictionary:
  • Element Nature for the RachunekBankowy node fields: NrRB, SWIFT, RachunekWlasnyBanku, NazwaBanku, OpisRachunku
  • Element Nature for the RachunekBankowyFaktora node fields: SWIFT, RachunekWlasnyBanku, NazwaBanku, OpisRachunku.
13017 The Enable NSeI for Purchase Documents field has been added to the Gov. Reporting Setup page, and the Disable NSeI for Purchase field has been added to the vendor card and purchase documents. The fields determine whether the connection with the NSeI system is enabled for purchase documents. We have also added the validation function to the NSeI Document No. field. The application validates the document with this number has already been downloaded from the NSeI, if the NSeI Document No. field is filled on the purchase document, i.e. it is listed on the NSeI Incoming Documents page. Additionally, the validation feature makes it impossible to post more than one purchase document with a given NSeI document number.
13135 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1326
In Codeunit ITICreateSalesCrMemoLines, we have added a new publisher: OnAfterInsertTempSalesLine.
13136 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1325
We have added new publisher OnBeforeInsertAllocatedPurchaseLine in Codeunit ITI ApplyPurchLinesWithAlloc and OnBeforeFindPurchLineBeforeApplyPurchLineWithAllocationType in ITI ValidateAllocationType.
13201 We have added a feature for checking if the VAT Registration Origin Country Code field on the Gov. Reporting Setup page has been filled. This code is inserted as the taxpayer prefix (PrefiksPodatnika) in the structured invoice file for intra-EU transactions. We have added a feature for checking if a VAT transaction type (Domestic, EU, Non-EU) has been assigned to VAT business posting groups. This setting determines the values entered respectively in the fields on the structured invoice for the customer:
for Domestic – NIP,
for EU - KodUE and NrVatUE,
for Non-EU - NrID and optionally KodKraju.
13310 We have added functionality that transfers NSeI document elements from the original document to the correction document when a sales credit memo is created by using the sales correction wizard or the Get Posted Document Lines To Reverse or Copy Document actions.


ID Description
13067 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1275
We have improved the checking of the EU country code in the VAT Reg. No. field when generating the SAFT FA(4) file.
13098 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1295
We have fixed the validation of the VAT Contractor field in the Purchase Header table, we have changed TestField on the Status field to the standard TestStatusOpen function.
13133 Service Desk Issue: PLFAPPSD-1329
The Year Begin Date field label has been restored in the G/L Acc. Net Change & Balance report.
13318 Service Desk Issues: PLFAPPSD-1317, PLFAPPSD-1331, PLFAPPSD-1339
We fixed the filling of the field NrDowoduKsiegowego in the JPK_KR file according to the actual number in the G/L entries.

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