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Release Notes - Polish Localization 7.0.0

Application version Release date Compatible with Business Central
Version 7.0.0 02-05-2024 from Business Central 22.2

Changes and Fixes

The following changes have been made in Polish Localization version 7.0.0.

Functional Changes

ID Description
15232 Objects marked as obsolete in previous versions have been removed.
14747 The functionality to enable the use of new standard tools for handling Intrastat reports has been added. The process was adapted to Polish regulations and requirements.
15050 The standard functionality of non-deductible VAT has been modified to meet Polish regulations and requirements. Ultimately, the current functionality will be removed from Polish Localization. We recommend enabling the standard non-deductible VAT solution that handles all transaction types. If we use a single percentage rate for non-deductible VAT and this rate does not depend on the VAT settlment date, we use the standard Business Central settings. In the case of multiple VAT percentage rates, it is possible to set rate values depending on the VAT settlement date.
12525 In order to optimize and shorten the time of generating the SAF-F Inventory (JPK_MAG) file, a new XmlPort was prepared by using source data downloading via query.
13778 We have added a functionality that supports service statistical codes on a service module allowing to:
  • select a service statistical code in service document lines;
  • define default service statistical codes for a service item.
14819 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1550
We have added a new publisher OnBeforeGetDimCombID in the ITI Adjust Exchange Rates PL report.
14856 We have added a feature for skipping customers/vendors (with a zero amount to the Receivables Aging Analysis and Payables Aging Analysis reports, respectively).
14898 We have added VAT-related actions to the header and lines of the sales, purchase and service quotes.
14925 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1474
We have added new publishers to Codeunit ITI CalculatePayablesAgeing OnBeforeQueryPayablesAgeingOpenCalculateDetailsData, OnBeforeQueryPayablesAgeingOpenCalculateData and to Codeunit ITI CalculateReceivablesAgeing OnBeforeOpenQueryReceivablesAgeingCalculateDetailsData i OnBeforeOpenQueryReceivablesAgeingCalculateData. The new On Hold field has been added to the following queries: ITI Payables Ageing and ITI Receivables Ageing.
14970 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1521
We have added a new Default Unit of Measure Code field in the Sales Correction Reason table. If the value of the Unit Of Measure field is not specified in sales credit memo lines that are created by using the sales correction wizard, a default value is assigned from the Sales Correction Reason table.
15058 We have added a NSeI schema element description FactBox on the invoice preview posting page.
15102 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1574
We have added a new publisher OnBeforeInsert in the ITI DtldCustLEntryEventHandler codeunit.
15134 We have changed the way we download the currency factor to the sales credit memo. Currently, the currency factor will be entered from the sales invoice or the last sales credit memo created to this sales invoice.


ID Description
14635 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1368
We have fixed an issue that made it impossible to get data from government systems (online REGON database and VAT Taxpayer Register), when country codes with more than 2 digits were used.
14723 We have improved the error message that appears when no entries are found to generate the Sales/Purchase VAT Register report with Show Only Entries with FP VAT Attribute field selected.
14800 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1373
We have added a fix that deletes VAT contractor data in a general journal line if the document number has been changed.
14830 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1573
>We have added a new publisher OnBeforeGetDimCombID in the ITI Item Charge Assgnt EvntHdl codeunit.
14917 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1467
We have fixed an error that occurred after inserting the ENTER character in the P_ORDZU field that is used to specify the reason for the correction of the SAFT VAT.
14930 The default value of the Max. No. of Occurrences field in the NSeI Schema Line table has been changed to 1.
14934 We have added a message that informs users that the VAT reporting date is not used in Polish Localization and it is recommended to disable the VAT Date Usage option on the General Ledger Setup page. Disabling the VAT Date Usage option, locks this field for editing and disables the availability of fields used to set allowed VAT posting dates.
14979 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1521
>In the structured NSeI invoice, we have added a feature for checking if the following fields have been completed the Unit of Measure, Quantity and Unit Price fields in the invoice line, and the Unit of Measure and Quantity fields in the order specification line for the prepayment invoice.
15030 Service desk issue PLFAPPSD-1585
>We have fixed a problem with creating new bank accounts for customers included on the VAT taxpayer Register Bank Account List page.
15032 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1591
>We have fixed an issue with incorrect copying of the number series template code from a purchase invoice to purchase credit memo, when the credit memo was generated using the Create Corrective Credit Memo action on a posted purchase invoice.
15227 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1576
>The process for transferring VAT attributes from a sales invoice to a sales credit memo has been improved.
15234 Service Desk Issue PLFAPPSD-1588
>We have fixed an issue that occured while correcting sales invoices with the same item number on multiple lines.

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