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Maintaining VAT

Polish law allows you to settle VAT in a period other than the period when the document was posted. Therefore, to settle the value added tax (VAT) with the tax office, it is necessary to specify when a transaction caused tax liability i.e to determine the VAT settlement date. The VAT settlement date determines when the sales tax should be paid and if any VAT amounts should be deducted in subsequent months.

The Polish Localization application offers a number of solutions that support VAT handling in accordance with Polish law. The extensions to the standard Business Central functionality have been described in the following articles.

To See
Settle VAT in a period other than the document, create the relevant VAT periods, and apply the functionality of postponed VAT VAT Settlement Date
Calculate the amounts of sales (input) VAT and purchase (output) VAT and print the report Sales/Purchase VAT Register
Manage VAT entries on the VAT Settlement Journal page and change the VAT setup VAT Application Worksheet
Assign VAT attributes, use default VAT attributes and change VAT attributes on posted documents VAT Attributes
Maintain entries if the value of VAT settled during the period changes Detailed VAT Entries
Simplify the recording of transactions with one-time contractors in the VAT register Posting VAT Documents in General Journals
Manually enter the VAT base amount to post transactions with only the VAT amount Posting a Full VAT Amount
Exclude non-VAT transaction entries in the VAT register Skipping Transactions in the VAT Register
Calculate sales VAT and purchase VAT for intra-community sales and purchase transactions and calculate VAT in the local currency Reverse Charge VAT
Process third-party transactions by using the simplified procedure for entity 2 in the supply chain Third-party Transactions
Manage non-deductible VAT to include part of the VAT amount in the VAT register and post the remaining part as a cost Non-Deductible VAT
Define an internal customer and calculate self-charged VAT for goods provided free of charge Orders and Internal Sales Invoices
Check the status of withholding agents and VAT payers directly from cards and documents in Business Central Checking the VAT Status of an Entity
Learn how to prepare data for reporting transactions in the JPK VAT file Data Registration for JPK VAT with Declaration
Learn and control the rules for creating posting descriptions in general ledger entries Copying a Line Description to a G/L Entry
Learn how to handle various types of tax identification numbers, including tax identification number with the relevant country code and enter such numbers on on cards, document and reports VAT Registration Number Origin Country Code
Define that the VAT settlement is to be postponed by default,postpone the VAT settlement date, post a credit memo with a postponed VAT amount, settle the postponed VAT Postponed VAT