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Bank Interfaces

The Electronic Banking Base App application supports multiple file exchange formats between the bank and external systems. Supported formats include:

  • camt.053.001.xx,
  • pain.001.001.xx,
  • MT 103,
  • MT 940,
  • MT 940 DE,
  • PLI,
  • PLA,
  • CDF,
  • SKA,
  • csv.

These formats are supported both by using file interfaces and web services. The list of available formats may vary depending on the selected interface and country.


Due to the existing differences in the implementation of individual formats by banks, it is not recommended to use interfaces designed for another bank or other banking system to load the bank statement file. This is due to the fact that the specification of these formats allows banks to customize them to their own requirements, and therefore the same data format when used for different banks or bank systems can vary significantly.

Electronic Banking Extensions applications provide banking interfaces that support a data format based on the requirements provided by individual banks. Interfaces are distributed in the form of Electronic Banking Extension applications that support selected variants of data formats required by a specific bank in a given country. This allows for automatic format update, if any changes are made by a provider of a given banking system. For details, see the documentation for a country-specific Electronic Banking Extension.

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