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Release Notes - Advanced Intercompany 3.0.0

Changes and Fixes

The following changes have been made in Advanced Intercompany version 3.0.0.


ID Description
9646 We have provided a functionality for the exchange of the return order documents. The new message types: the Return Shipment and Return Receipt notifications, have been added to the application. The following processes are supported in the application: intercompany return, drop shipment return to the buyer, drop shipment return to the seller, combined return credit memo and returns pre-invoicing.
For more information, read the documentation:

Using the return order functionality requires an update of the settings in the current installations:
1. Reopen the following IIC Complex Message Templates: CRMEMO, PURCHASE, SALES.
2. Use a dedicated function: "Update Settings" from the IIC Setup page to adjust your template configuration.
3. Release back the templates and synchronize the settings across different endpoints.
For more information, read the documentation:
9644 We have implemented the possibility to transfer fields of the Additional type (defined on the IIC Complex Message Template Fields page) from a posted document line (posted sales shipment line or posted sales invoice line) directly to the purchase order line document. Such fields can be transferred by using the Shipment Notification or Invoice Confirmation message types. This feature complements the feature for transferring fields of the Additional type for the header fields that was released in previous versions.
9220 We have extended the SALES and PURCHASE IIC Complex Message templates with the set of Ship-to address fields. Such fields will be added to the templates by default when using the Initialize action.


ID Description
9647 We have solved the issue: "There is no ITI IIC Message Record within the filter". The issue used to happen in the drop shipment process when processing the message of the Invoice type. The problem occurred when the application was searching for additional fields in the adjusted complex message template.

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