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Release Notes - Advanced Intercompany 3.0.2

Changes and Fixes

The following changes have been made in Advanced Intercompany version 3.0.2.


ID Description
10063 We have fixed the issue where the system was not updating the documents with a newly added line when processing the buffer message through the job queue.
10065 We have fixed the issue where, while accepting a buffer message, the system failed to update an associated document with a newly added line of the Item type. The reason was that the associated document contains a line with the G/L Account type which was not detected by the system.
10066 We have resolved the issue related to lot numbers. The issue occurred when an error was encountered in the buffer while processing a message with a job queue. When the message was confirmed manually, the application created new lot number lines on Lot No. Information list page with the quantity filled in (e.g., "Too much quantity is tracked in the line"). Now, if an error is detected in the buffer, the application stops processing the message and no lines are created.

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