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Advanced Product Configurator

Advanced Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an application designed for creating:

  • item cards,
  • item variants and
  • production orders

with the use of predefined attributes, attribute values and dependencies between the attributes.

With its advanced product configuration capabilities, the application enables your company to meet the specific needs of its clients and develop a range of competitive and diverse products, ensuring improved production efficiency at the same time.

Advanced Product Configurator has been developed through an extensive collaboration of engineers and developers, which ensured a perfect ratio of ergonomics and usability in such an advanced tool.

The solution enables the users to set up the product configurator themselves, without the need to modify the Business Central system or seek help of external consultants.

Advanced Product Configurator is a versatile solution that can be implemented both in a trading company, where the products and product sets are typically assembled to meet the needs of a particular customer, and in a manufacturing company, where the parameters of produced goods must be compatible with an individual customer order.


Advanced Product Configurator enables the automatic creation of item and item variant cards and production orders based on configuration type setup. The system, based on attribute values, enables automatic generation of production or assembly BOM, routings, item descriptions and translations, sales and purchase prices, item extended texts. In addition, the application allows you to automatically calculate the net weight and create additional item units of measure. The country of origin code and vendor number can be assigned automatically based on attributes.


Get started with Advanced Product Configurator

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Product Lifecycle Policy

Business Centaral - Base Application

Advanced Product Configurator is based on the technology and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Business Central, as a popular ERP system, supports the management of small and mid-sized companies worldwide, enabling them to automate and streamline their business processes in many business areas.


Documentation for Business Central, the base application, has been published on IT.integro Docs.

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